Friday, January 22, 2010

Winter Geography with Buck and Honeybee

I love the way God works! He put together this wonderfully fun geography study for me. It all started with the thought that I should read Mr. Poppers Penguins to Buck and Honeybee. Then I had an email from CurrClick with this free Kindergarten Mini Study. The first part of it focuses on what else but geography. I also randomly (or so I thought) picked up The March of the Penguins DVD from the library. We also just happened to have a penguin playdough cutter. Hope you enjoy!

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Donna said...

Great idea! We actually read Mr. Popper's Penguins a couple months ago- that's a great idea to put it altogether! I've been catching up on my blog reading tonight and have enjoyed seeing what you've been up to. I am doing weight watchers right now so I'm excited to try your taco soup! And I am in the process of getting my morning basket together- I guess homeschooling is always "in process"! Great to see you today at the faculty meeting!

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