Monday, November 7, 2011

Hearts For Home ~ Last Week of October 2011

In today’s busy and aggressive society mothers at home are not given much encouragement to be committed to their role in being home.
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I've been wanting to make this post for a couple of weeks now.  It's a little late but, I didn't want to miss out on sharing our fall fun.
We celebrated The House Cats Baptism Anniversary.  Here she is holding her baptism candle and lapbook.  I just love our little tradition!

I just LOVE the view from my laundry room ~
and seeing this in the back yard.

My mama took Buck, Honeybee and I to the pumpkin patch.  It was their first time to go and they enjoyed it, especially the hayride ride to the patch. 

It was a quick trip since HB's been coughing for weeks now. I finally took her to the doc and she's taking an antibiotic for a sinus infection :(

This pumpkin became one of our Saint O-Lanterns.

Roasting Marshmallows for Smores ~ Yummy :)

Dad and Buck worked hard one day chopping wood for the fireplace.  I've never had a wood burning fireplace before and am happy to have one now.

Dad said Buck worked HARD and loaded this whole load in the back of his truck for him!

While the guys were doing the lumberjack thing, us gals had a tea party.
Snuggle Bug made a delicious carrot cake (bread).  The recipe was given to her by a dear friend who is a Dominican Nun.  I hope to post the recipe soon.

I just Love this time of year.  God has blessed us with so much beauty to behold. 

We saw six turkeys just down the road from our home
Thank you Lord for ALL of Your Blessings!


Gae said...

Dear Lori,
How wonderful to have you join in this week. I was uplifted to see that beautiful view from you laundry. Thank you for that. I also love to seee favourite home activities that families share together.
Thank you for making my morning. I was feeling a little blue but you helped me
Have a blessed and enjoyable week
God Bless

Lori said...

Hi Gae. I'm so glad to hear from you! God is so good to help us through others!!! Peace and Blessings, Lori

Gen said...

What wonderful autumnal pictures you have posted. Love the view from your laundry room, and the wild turkeys. My first visit to your blog and I so enjoyed!

Lori said...

HI Gen. So glad you stopped by :)

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